Lebanon County Historical Society
924 Cumberland Street, Lebanon, PA, 17042
Material Type
Publications;Photographs and prints
1917 – 1921
  1. Penna. Pays Great Honor To Unknown: Gov. Sproul and General Price Present officially as State's Mourners, Representatives of Military Forces and Legion also in Throng Paying Tribute; 1921.
  2. French Medal Awarded Hero: Private Punco Returns to Dix Convalescent Centre to Receive High Honor
  3. Paper clipping that lists Barnhart among the wounded
  4. Day Passed in Rifle Practice
  5. Spectacular Scene Witnessed at Rifle Range at Gretna: Hundreds of Autos
  6. Assails Oppression By U.S. Army Officers: Representative La Guardia Accuses Americans of 'Teutonic Militarism'
  7. Got In Wrong Swearing In Penna. Dutch: Loyal Soldier Boy of Lancaster Was Arrested As Spy, Interesting Incident Was Related By Capt. Barnhart At Camp Dix.
  8. 5000 Trees are Dix Tribute to Its Dead: Every Boy Who Trained at Camp and Died in Service Is Remembered.
  9. Newspaper Editorial discussing the need for military reorganization in the United States.
  10. Heroes of the Iron Division Welcome Home: A Poem
  11. Two Years Ago Today Company H Boys Left: Many Sad Farewells
  12. The Stars and Stripes Tells of Gallant 28th Division, To Which Lebanon Boys Belong
  13. Philadelphia Boy Gets "Medaille Millitair": Highest French Honor for an Enlisted Man Conferred on Private Punco
  14. H. H. Barnhart Candidate For the Assembly: Commanded Old Company H During World War in France
  15. The City Rambler: The Old Soldiers In Times of Peace, advocating for Barnhart's campaign
  16. Capt. Barnhart Honored by the War Dept.
  17. Army and Navy Journal, Casualties in Forces Abroad, 1919.