Lebanon County Historical Society
924 Cumberland Street, Lebanon, PA, 17042
Material Type
Personal Papers;Records
1898 – 1931
  1. Instruction Orders for H. H. Barnhart; 1917.
  2. Historical Events of Company "D" 109th Machine Gun Battalion During Active Service: France; 1918.
  3. Orders for Sentinels on Post; 1898.
  4. [Public - No. 2 - 73rd Congress] [H.R. 2820] An Act.
  5. Letter of complaint to the Philadelphia Regional Office of the Veterans Bureau from the Starving Vets; 1931.
  6. Letter of request from Patrick Ryan to the Medical Department.
  7. Check Receipt for H. H. Barnhart; 1922
  8. Notice of Settlement for H. H. Barnhart from the Treasury Department; 1919.
  9. Letter indicating H. H. Barnhart owes remittance; 1923.
  10. Letter of receipt of H. H. Barnhart's remittance; 1923.
  11. Letter explaining why H. H. Barnhart owed remittance; 1923.
  12. Certified Copy of the Military Record of Service for H. H. Barnhart; 1917.
  13. Letter explaining that H. H. Barnhart has been overpaid; 1922.
  14. Letter requesting H. H. Barnhart repay the government; 1922.
  15. Letter to H. H. Barnhart acknowledging receipt of his letter discussing his withheld pay; 1921.
  16. Letter correcting H. H. Barnhart on the correct complaint office from H. M. Lord; 1921.
  17. Letter discussing the possible action taken on H. H. Barnhart's remittances; 1921.
  18. Letter informing H. H. Barnhart on his over-payment; 1921.
  19. Copy of Letter informing H. H. Barnhart on his over-payment; 1921.
  20. Notice of Disallowance of Claim from the General Accounting Office; 1922.
  21. Notice of Allotment fowarded to Mabel Eliza Barnhart; 1918.