Slave return of Curttis Grubb

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after 1788 Normal date(s)
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Grubb, Curttis ()
Administrative/Biographical History
The Pennsylvania Assembly passed the Gradual Abolition Act on March 1, 1780. Under the law, any slave born before March 1, 780 would be a slave for life, but any child born to a slave after March 1 would be an indentured servant until age 28. Slave owners were required to register all slaves born prior to March 1 by November 1780. On March 29, 1788, the Assembly passed a second act further requiring the registration of all slave born children with county level officials.
Scope and Content
A return apparently filed in Dauphin County and made in compliance with the second Gradual Abolition Act passed by the Pennsylvania Assembly on March 29, 1788. The return lists the names and ages of nineteen slaves owned by Curttis Grubb including a 'Runaway' named 'Ceser' and three children, the youngest 'Mullata French half blood A Month Old.'
Related Archival Materials
Later slave returns made by Curttis Grubb's executors: Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, slave records, William L. Clements Library, The University of Michigan Reference to Curttis Grubb's slaves in conjunction with Cornwall Furnace: Cornwall Furnace Collection, 1768-1940 (MG 203) Pennsylvania State Archives
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